Why should we join SCALE?

Apart from funding – 75.000 PLN in exchange for 10% of shares – there ar emany other benefits from joining our acceleration program.

- mentors network - you’ll have access to over thirty experienced entrepreneurs, investors or expers in fields of marketing, design, finances and many more.Schedule a meeting or a call and exchange ideas.

- office in Smart Space – opportunity to work alongside top startups from the region in an inspiring environment designed to boost your startup growth. Be a part of true startup community.

- 6 months access to tools that will help you grow your business – from analytics to social monitoring. We teamed up with best services around so you can focus on growing your business

How much funding does SCALE provide?

Selected teams receive 75.000 PLN in exchange for 10% of shares. Apart the money, you’ll get 6-month access to best mentors in the country and tools to grow your business – full list is available in the „Partners” section of the website.

Who are we looking for?

We are technology oriented and look mainly for startups developing web and mobile solutions in Big Data, SaaS & Mobile fields. Although we won’t say „no” to a promising hardware startup.

What’s more important than the industry you’re in is the size of your market and scalability of the project. We expect you to grow big and so should you.

We don’t even have an alpha version of our startup. Can we still take part in SCALE?

You need to have something more than idea written on paper to get an invite to SCALE. Our mentors are prepared to work with teams currently developing alpha or beta versions of their products. We believe these are the startups that can benefit the most from our program. 

I don’t have a team. I work on my startup single-handed. Will I get an invite to SCALE?

We prefer teams over single founders. Building a startup is hard and requires many skills. Even the most talented people tend to find someone to work alongside them and compliment their abilities. SCALE is intense. You’ll need manpower. 

How does the application process look?

Firstly, you have to fill the application form. Providing it will be interesting – we'll contact you. Videotalk is the second step of recrutation. After that you’ll receive a final decision.  

Will there be another edition of SCALE?

Yes, SCALE is here to stay. Our next edition will take place on Autumn. 

What’s the deadline to apply?

31 of March. Don’t wait till the last day. First step - Workshops - will take place on 13-17 of April in Smart Space.

What comes after the workshops part? Do we have to stay in Torun?

One of th benefits of participating in SCALE and getting funded is access to office space in Smart Space – incubator of the Exea brand. We will encourage selected startups to use it, but this is not obligatory. It’s your company after all!

Is there a possibility of receiving additional capital?

SCALE has many partners which are investors themselves, therefore you will be granted many occasions to contact them and possibly gain additional funding in the later stage of the program. We'll help you connect with them., but remember – it all depends on you.

Do I have to pay to take part in SCALE?

No, if you’ll receive an invite, then participating is free, but you have to take care of accomodation by yourself. If needed, we can show you some nice hotels nearby.

Can we resign after completing the first phase, Forge?

Agreeing to participate in SCALE means you cannot back out of the Program. We invest time and money into delivering you the best Program possible. We cannot let this resources go to waste.

Do we have to use the tools provided by the Partners?

Of course not. This is an opportunity to save money and use tools we know to be very useful, but the decision is up to you and your team. 

Do we need to have our startup registered as the company to participate in SCALE?

No, but before getting accepted into second phase – Investmen– we will have to register sp z.o.o. [Ltd.]. We invest 75.000 PLN for 10% of shares in newly made sp. z o.o.